The March Of The Moonbats

DaGoddess @ 22:20

Yes, today was the big parade of poopheads pretend peaceniks. I can’t think of anything nice to say about their gathering. There weren’t any new tricks or treats from them, save for the woman flipping off the Iraqis who voted and Paredes apologizing for his four years of collecting government paychecks and benefits. That little fleabite had the temerity to stand up and claim that his time spent in the military was nothing more than an huge error on his part. This is going to hit big time…just you wait and see.

a couple letters short of a class act

There are others who will provide a better picture than I can of what the day was like. Check out Darleen Click, who live-blogged the event. She and her husband drove down from San Bernardino County to experience the protest community’s version of March Madness. And, Joe Gandelman was there, covering events for Dean Esmay. He was able to look at the day through unbiased eyes and took the time to listen carefully to all sides. It’s never an easy task and he did so with a quiet grace.

The San Diego Police Department deserves considerable kudos for their calming presence. They were fantastic to work with! As the liaison for the San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior, I have nothing but the highest regard for the professional manner in which they handled the day. Protecting the First Amendment Rights of both sides isn’t an easy job. SDPD, you rock! Thank you for all that you do – today and every day.

While the protesters had a smaller crowd than we had expected, we managed to draw a larger crowd than anticipated. We had over 60 people join us for our 4th of July in March. The rain missed us. In fact, the sun came out to say hello and managed to shine for us the majority of the day. But, our shiniest star of all was Christina. I’m sorry my archives aren’t available to point you to the post that introduced her to you. She’s a very brave young lady who just returned from duty in Iraq. Truly, Christina is a hero and she represents all the good that has been done for the Iraqi people.

Photos? Oh, yeah….those. I got a few. Stay tuned.


  1. An Interesting Day…..

    Be sure to check back here often for our report on an anti-anti-war demonstration in San Diego. Our day started yesterday by doing some guest blogging…

    Comment by Dean's World — 2005/03/19 @ 23:22

  2. Protests, Pictures, Commentary And “Finger Woman”!

    Some links to those who covered the protests. What protesters think of the Iraqi Elections(Photo Courtesy of Darleen’s Place) Darleen of Darleen’s Place live blogged the event in San Diego. She has exclusive pictures there of both the protests and…

    Comment by Diggers Realm — 2005/03/20 @ 03:40

  3. Protest Warrior around the world

    In response to the “global day of action”, Protest Warrior launched operations all around the world. The moonbats were out in force, and thus we thought we Vast Right Wing Conspiracy members would stop off in a few cities around the world – here are th…

    Comment by The House Of Wheels — 2005/03/20 @ 04:48

  4. Crass act.

    Comment by Uncle Bill — 2005/03/20 @ 08:20

  5. Cool! can’t wait for the pics!

    Comment by caltechgirl — 2005/03/20 @ 08:27

  6. Congrats Joanie! I understand from what Dean reported that you did an outstanding job keeping things focused and the message clear. I wish I was close to San Diego, I would’ve been there, but it’s great to know you had such a good turn out.

    Comment by Teresa — 2005/03/20 @ 15:53

  7. Joan, did you get the pics I sent?

    If not, some are on my blog.


    Comment by Brendan Steinhauser — 2005/03/20 @ 16:03

  8. Put a crosshair in that red circle and I’ll make sure she never uses that finger again (heheheh… just kidding). Keep fighting the good fight, goddess.

    Comment by M+ — 2005/03/21 @ 14:40

  9. Teresa, come on out whenever you want! My place is a dump and the sofa is lumpy. However, I do have an air mattress or you could just come visit when (IF) they decide that surgery’s the answer to my back troubles and have the place to yourself.

    Brendan, no pics anywhere to be found. Don’t know what happened.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2005/03/22 @ 02:17

  10. OMG

    I think that’s my aunt.

    Comment by Brian B — 2005/03/22 @ 10:53

  11. *Whew*

    Just checked with my mom, and nope, it isn’t my aunt.

    Comment by Brian B — 2005/03/25 @ 13:18

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