Patriots’ Picnic is ON!

DaGoddess @ 20:38

San Diego Protest Warrior encourages everyone to come to Balboa Park on Saturday!

We will be near the southeast corner of Sixth Ave. and Laurel St., on the west end of the park, from 1 to 4pm. Parking in this area of Balboa Park is severely limited, so arrive early, or you’ll end up walking half a mile from the Banker’s Hill neighborhood. You can also park on the east side, and take the free Balboa Park Tram.

CodePINK, the San Diego Coalition of Peace and Justice, the International Socialists, and all their hangers-on will be setting up camp on the north side of Laurel St. The San Diego Police have assured us that they will maintain a safe buffer between both sides.

The current Saturday forecast calls for rain, but we’re expecting a break in the weather from 9am to 3pm. Bring appropriate rain gear, just in case. An umbrella is good, a raincoat even better. Also, tarps or plastic sheeting might come in handy, so you can have a dry spot on the ground to sit on.

Please bring friends, family, and food (we’re not feeding you). If the grass is dry, there are some excellent athletic fields nearby that can be used for volleyball, soccer, football, or frisbee. Bring also your sense of humor, patience, and a thick hide — not all anti-war protestors are gentle pacifists.

We expect that at least some of the protestors will march past our position around 2pm. We’ll have plenty signs and flags on hand to welcome them to the park. If you want to bring your own, please observe the following municipal regulation for sign handles:

No person shall carry or possess while participating in any demonstration, rally, picket line or public assembly any metal stake, club, or pipe, or any length of lumber, wood, or lath, unless that wooden object is 1/4” or less in thickness, and 2” or less in width. If not generally rectangular in shape, such wooden object shall not exceed 1/2” in its thickest dimension.

The police will confiscate any signs with sticks that do not conform to the above regulation. Also, we’re asking that people leave baseball bats, knives, or anything else that could be construed as a weapon at home.

Last year at this event, Smash was alone in a sea of anti-American sentiment. This year, we’re going to show them that the silent majority will be silent no more.

They have a right to speak out. Here is your chance to respond!

to Smash for writing this up so that I could appropriate it.


  1. Good luck! Hope to read the mission report on your blog or Free Republic.

    Comment by Dan — 2005/03/19 @ 02:46

  2. Hubby and I will be there, laptop&wireless card in tow.

    Comment by Darleen — 2005/03/19 @ 07:40

  3. You did a wonderful job! Tremendous time, and you kept everything going smoothly. I even mamaged to not *completely* behave like a blubbering fool in my one confrontation adn two interviews. Thanks SO much for always making me feel welcome after a long drive!

    Comment by hndmost — 2005/03/19 @ 17:37

  4. Welcome back, Goddess, we missed you.

    Too bad the Stalinists didn’t have anything going on in Boston. OTOH, scraping paint was probably a better use of my time than arguing with them.

    Comment by Mitch — 2005/03/19 @ 20:14

  5. I wonder if CodePINK knows that the phrase “code pink” is used in many hosiptals to denote “someone is stealing a baby”.

    Comment by Asteroid — 2005/03/22 @ 13:47

  6. Hey, this may not be the best place for this…

    I emailed Smash the other asking if there was any sort of reoccuring schedule for these events, as I’ll be in the area end of May or Early June depending on when the Space Shuttle launches (I’m going to watch the launch and then ride my motorcycle from Kennedy to Edwards, stopping at as many of the space related locations as I can), and I’d like to attend one of these events.


    Comment by Scott — 2005/03/24 @ 12:58

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