And So It Goes

Da Goddess @ 23:45

There’s nothing standing in the way of Long Covid around here. Nope. Not a damn thing.

Vaccines? Boosters? Masks? Handwashing? Hand sanitizing? Staying home? Cleaning every surface with the intensity of a obsessive compulsive? Check × 7.

But! And this is a HUGE BUT! Without the vaccine and boosters and all the other measures, I’d have been sicker and could’ve been hospitalized. Thus, I’m exceedingly grateful for all the steps taken to ensure my infection was mild and short-lived.

What I didn’t expect was ending up with Long Covid. The pulmonary effects, I understand. The headaches, I think I’ve come to terms with them. The odd sleep patterns have been part of my life for ages; they’re just different these days. But now there are palpitations and other nasty little bits of cardiac complications that may never go away completely. Oh, and a funky bunch of kidney/urinary things that have cropped up. Whether from the meds, the infection, or a combination thereof, remains to be seen.

I’m being treated for all my symptoms, being worked up for the new ones, put on medication — hopefully — temporarily. I just wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel for a change.

Basically, it’s been party city all the way ’round.

Omicron has been a nasty motherfucker. I don’t want to meet the newest version of it or any other version of Covid. Ever. I highly recommend you do your best to avoid all strains as well. I wouldn’t wish this shit on my worst enemy.


  1. I’m so sorry you are still sick!! :(

    I’ve not had it, but neither has the jab happened. So just skating on thin ice with heated blades. We’ll see.

    Get better, dammit!!

    Comment by pam — 2022/04/19 @ 05:46

  2. I’m trying!

    It’s not too late for the jab. I most sincerely recommend it. You may never get exposed to covid, but why chance it? My mild case has wreaked havoc on my entire body. My regular doctor has encouraged me to get my 2nd booster STAT & to only venture out when completely necessary (my S.O.P. anyway). I’ve taken to ordering groceries online for delivery once again. I don’t even want H going to the store if we can help it.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2022/04/21 @ 02:59

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