2021 – Day 181

Da Goddess @ 03:48

Tomorrow will mark the halfway point of the year. It’ll also be one day closer to Mom leaving us.

I can’t do anything to stop the inevitable, however I am sure as hell going to be with Mom as much as possible.

Juggling has never been my strong suit. Okay! Fine! I’ve never successfully juggled more than two balls for more than a few passes. Yet, when it comes to my family and my personal shit, I’m juggling the fuck out of a lot of things. I’m also slowly losing my mind. Guess as I get older, there’s much more shit to stuff in a sock.

The point of all this is…completely lost to me. I don’t even recall what I originally intended.

See? Losing my mind.

If seen, approach with extreme caution as it has been known to be exceedingly sarcastic, caustic, barbed, and considered “a loose canon and could go off at any time.”

Alas, I have no control over anything any more.

Adrift. Asea. In the weeds, as they say. Why, yes, captain of this faulty noggin, I’m staring at you.


  1. Everyday life is enough to drive someone to distraction. Throw in everything you’re going through and.. yes, a loose canon in the weeds.
    Totally understand. Why do you think my siblings won’t speak to me? :lol:

    When things get to be too much I take one moment at a time. I think “In this moment I have no control over anything”. (It’s true, we don’t. But I don’t know why it makes me feel better.)

    I’ve taken it to hours and even days. I block that time off for me to be ‘off work’, so to speak.

    It’s weird, but so am I. LOL


    Comment by pam — 2021/07/07 @ 04:46

  2. Weird is wonderful, normal is boring. If your siblings won’t talk to you, they’re missing out on a beautiful human being who would only enhance their lives.

    Accepting the loss of control — or accepting the loss of the feeling you ever had it — is freeing. But if you’re not prepared, it can be frightening. I’m learning.

    Love you, Pam!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/07/16 @ 03:04

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