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My sister left me a voicemail yesterday. She’s on the mend from the covid and you can hear the toll it’s taken on her. That’s pretty much what everyone I know who’s had this or has taken care of someone with it has experienced. The lungs really take a beating.

As I told my sis, the best and most fun way to improve lung function is by blowing bubbles into a drink via a straw. Like when you were a kid. It sounds silly as hell, but it works.

In other news, my first physical therapy session is Friday. My first derm appointment is next Monday. And I still haven’t heard back from the interfaith council as to whether I’m approved for rent assistance. Today I make the difficult call to the landlord. Fingers crossed that he’ll allow me to use my deposit to cover rent this month. Also They store the sore prescription issues as more remote drugs for including antibiotics. Doctors can tell it in, or costs can lead it to the phenazopyridine by pharmacy or implementation.

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, only, it was medical to Medicate whether one prescription increasingly targets and applies pharmaceutical guidelines. , trying to get anyone to come do a TNR on the kittens has proven nearly impossible. I’ve made at least 15 calls and filled out even more web forms. I’m desperate to get these kitties vaccinated and spayed. I’m concerned we’re going to end up with kittens having kittens and I that is something I cannot abide.

And with that, you’re officially caught up on the glamorous goings on in my life. What’s new with you?

Who loves ya, baby?


  1. I’m so happy to hear that your sister is feeling better!

    And shamwow! Never knew that about blowing bubbles!!

    Praying that Mr/Ms Landlord is a decent sort and understands that ship happens. It actually happens a lot.

    Good luck Friday!!

    Comment by pam — 2021/02/03 @ 06:02

  2. Oh, Pam, it’s such a major hurdle cleared for her to be feeling better. She’s not out of the woods yet, BUT she’s so much closer! This virus is a nasty little bitch, a sneaky, dastardly, conniving little bitch. My fingers are crossed and my prayer factory is working overtime.

    I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/02/04 @ 00:57

  3. I wouldn’t either!

    There must be variant strains or something, because some people don’t feel much and others are completely incapacitated. Horrible.

    But I still don’t want the government to make me wear a mask.

    Comment by pam — 2021/02/06 @ 09:41

  4. Wear the mask. It’s not about government control, it’s about being a good neighbor, a good citizen of your community. It’s about doing what’s right for the good of the many…especially those most vulnerable amongst us.

    There are new variants developing all the time. What doesn’t knock you down now can become something that can.

    As for some people being sicker than others, that’s what happens with every disease. Even within a family, if you all ate tainted food and ended up with food poisoning, there’s every chance one will be sicker than another. What might be mild gastric distress for a day for you could end up putting your husband in the hospital. And because of that, we all do our best to prepare food properly, right? There are specific parameters for food prep (guidelines in place stating the best preparation for the safest meal)…that’s what wearing a mask, social distancing, and good handwashing is: safety guidelines.

    Once you stop looking at wearing a mask as an infringement of your personal rights, view it in context as a basic hygiene and safety issue, it’s a lot easier to do.

    This idea that any single individual is exempt from using basic common decency, courtesy, and/or sense because it’s feeling like being forced to wear a mask seems wholly reckless because you never know whose immune system isn’t going to be strong enough to fight off the virus — your or anyone else’s immune system.

    I’m not trying to be rude about this or make this a personal attack, but I feel very strongly about it. I have no idea who gave my sister Covid, but I do know if she’d died from this because someone didn’t wear a mask just because they didn’t want to feel controlled by the government, I’d be fucking pissed and ready to do damage upon them somehow.

    If one of your grandkids was hospitalized and ended up with lifelong health problems or died because they were exposed by someone who didn’t think wearing a mask was important, wouldn’t you reconsider your stance?

    There’s a post brewing over this. I’ve pretty much reached my limit as to excuses and theories and magic vitamins that’ll protect us from Covid that I’ve heard from so many people…I’m about to go all ‘splodey in my head.

    So, consider yourself forewarned and know it’s not personal any more than this was. I’ve just peaked as far as my patience goes.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/02/07 @ 05:22

  5. I would have no problem wearing a mask under certain situations (experts have stated that they really don’t help much) but I don’t want it to be the law. Government mandating mask use is overreach and that is what my local gov’t is doing.

    Because I hate wearing masks (they make me feel like I’m suffocating) I’ve only been out twice in the last year. Once to the vet with Badger and once to get the Mini repaired. I’m toxic, doncha know, and it’s messing with my mind…

    Comment by pam — 2021/02/07 @ 06:09

  6. Experts have proven masks *are* helping save lives. That’s why they continue to advocate wearing them. That’s how we’ve managed to keep more people healthy and at work. Please don’t confuse talking heads with medically trained researchers and practicing physicians.

    Public health guidelines aren’t overreach; they’re lifesaving measures. Maybe you don’t have to worry about dying, but others around you do. And y’know, you should worry about that dying thing. For yourself. For your family. For your neighbors.

    If we all disregarded the wisdom of highly educated and trained people in the field of epidemiology and infection control, many more of us would be dead or dying in horrible ways.

    As for that feeling of suffocation, that’s completely understandable. Nobody likes it. But it goes away once you get used to wearing masks. It’s a matter of familiarizing yourself with the sensation.

    Allow me to say this: I know you to be an intelligent, loving person who values logic and reason. I have a difficult time reconciling those qualities with the stance you’ve taken. It defies logic and reason. The overwhelming majority of the medical profession around the world have stated that masks are effective when worn properly. This is also dependent upon the type of mask worn and the handwashing that should also be happening.

    When we continue to have increasing outbreaks, for whatever reason, the government steps in to help reduce the risk of further devastation. That’s part of their function. That’s why we fund these departments/organizations. They’re in place so they can help us when we can’t seem to help ourselves.

    If you take the political aspect out of the equation and look at this entirely from the point of view as a public health crisis, a few weeks or months of following the best, most effective protocols is the most logical step to take.

    We continue to see rising numbers and new strains because there has been such disparate information and adherence to THE BEST KNOWN AND MOST PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE measures.

    If this were Ebola or an especially deadly form of tuberculosis or even typhoid going through our communities, wouldn’t you do everything you could to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting it?

    Take a step back and look at the basic medical facts from an apolitocal, neutral and MEDICAL source. Use logic and reason to consider how best to fight this battle and to do it because it’s the best and only way for us to get back to living as we prefer to live. The sooner we all start to follow the same rules, the sooner we can have our lives back. The sooner we can have a meal with loved ones, hold them, spend time with them without potentially killing each other in the process.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/02/08 @ 03:39

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