2021 – Day 8

Da Goddess @ 10:58

My God, the pain! My right shoulder and neck feel as though they’ve become one gigantic slow-turning knot. Just when you think it’s reached maximum intensity, a new level appears and makes me want to scream, then vomit, then scream again, then vomit, then rip the heavens from the sky, stomp on them, turn them into a bitter and rancid wine, and then cry whilst vomiting. Then, I want to vomit some more

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, scream louder and longer, gnash my teeth, rage against Hell, turn Hell inside out

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, make Satan beg for mercy, and then destroy everything and everyone who stands between me and relief. And then I just want some relief. Even if it’s only for a few moments. I want the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to strike up the most terrifying sounds, to beat angrily, to blast the bagpipes as loudly as humanly and inhumanly possible. I want the earth to shake, to tremble, to rumble mightily and to cause fear to well up into and spill over from the hearts of even the bravest among us. Because anything…anything…ANYTHING is better than this.

And how all y’all doing? Anything new to report?


  1. Holy crap! I think you described the level of pain exactly. Completely!

    Hope it’s better today!

    Comment by pam — 2021/01/10 @ 05:53

  2. It’s getting there. I’ve been doing everything possible to break the pain cycle. TENS unit, stretches, pain meds, ice, heat, pressure on the worst spots (the ones I can reach). Fingers crossed.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/01/13 @ 20:13

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