Oh, Bee-have!

Da Goddess @ 10:59

A couple weeks ago, my friend was playing with a band and it was livestreamed. I went down to the main house and sat on the porch so I could have a steady signal.

It was so nice to see him get to perform again and to be part of a live music crowd (so weird to say that about something happening online).

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Two bees started to get a little too close. I carefully swatted them away. Repeatedly. They seemed to take the hint and disappeared. Only to sneak up on me and go in for the sting.

Both stings were hellaciously painful. I’ve never experienced that kind of pain from a sting in my life. They brought tears to my eyes! The only upside was knowing their efforts to bring on the pain meant their deaths and reprieve from further attacks.


, the last time I was stung (2003), I ended up with a mild allergic reaction and cellulitis. I worried about both this time. I doubled up on the Benadryl and cleaned both sites thoroughly (gritting my teeth the entire time). I made poultices for them with baking soda — no meat tenderizer in my pantry — and hoped for the best.

I’m still here. No ill effects beyond severe itching and some swelling. Woo hoo! (I take my wins any way I can.)

I’ve been extra cautious about the bees still hovering about. You never know what the tipping point is with allergies. 9 went from being VERY allergic to having mild response to being more reactive to mildly so dozens of times throughout my life

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, so caution is warranted.

We’ll see what happens the next time.

Until then, the closest I want to come to bees is eating honey, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Little bastards! We’re told to treat the bees with respect but it would be nice if it were reciprocated!

    Glad you’re okay! Last time I was stung by a bee… I was about 4, swinging by my legs on the end of our swing set. Ugh.

    Comment by pam — 2020/10/11 @ 05:22

  2. Turns out it was yellow jackets and it was likely only one who stung me. They don’t die after stinging as bees do, so they’re even more of a fucking bane on my existence. They’re EVERYWHERE, especially in the early evening. Blech!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2020/10/15 @ 10:02

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