Anything but Love?

Da Goddess @ 21:13

I love J.D. Souther. My favorite of which is Anything But Love.

If we had never met

And the world got on without us,
Just as if we were never there at all.
We’d be searching yet
For the next big thing that ever happened
Trying not to fall …
Anything but love will do
Anything but hearts that beat like thunder,
Anything but love would be enough
For anyone but you.

The too-shortly-lived sitcom only used the version with lyrics briefly, which was a shame because it was beautiful and had the potential for reducing me to tears on the regular. Still does. “Trying not to fall…Anything but love…” that’s my favorite bit. And the rest of it. But mostly that part. Though the rest is wonderful. But seriously, mostly that particular portion of the song.

He’s going to be in town very soon. Do I go?


  1. Of course you go! Do you have to ask?! :D

    Comment by pam — 2020/02/20 @ 10:38

  2. I’m going to a show the night before. I may not possess the energy and cash to do two in a row. I even had to miss out on Lyle Lovett the other night (played just a couple miles away, too) because I’ve been recovering from adverse reactions to a new med, stomach bug, and just overwhelming general pain. I want to go to everything and my body won’t cooperate.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2020/02/21 @ 11:04

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