Summer Breeze…Makes Me Feel Fine

Da Goddess @ 20:55

“…blowing through the jasmine in my mind…”

Wait. I think it’s winter. Let me che…yep. Winter. But I’m still loving the jasmine in my mind. And in my mouth.

My mom made me some jasmine pearl tea on Thanksgiving and now I’ve had to break out my super secret precious cache of jasmine tea just to feel like a real person again. Since my jasmine tea* isn’t available any longer, I’m rationing it. Unless I get some of the pearls.

I can see this is turning into a problem.

It might be a problem.

This looks like a problem.

It’s definitely a problem.

* my jasmine tea was from the now defunct Fresh & Easy. It was one of the few jasmine teas with a fresh, true, gentle flavor as opposed to the kind of tea drenched in perfumey oil that ruins the taste and feel — yes, FEEL — of the tea.

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