Best Gift Ever

Da Goddess @ 14:22

Aside from a drink holder from McDonald’s, the best gift I’ve ever given Fletch is a “sock” filled with silver vine.

He won’t leave the thing alone.

This is what I was hoping would happen.

He bites it.

He bunny kicks it.

He rolls his body over it.

He tosses it in the air.

He even sleeps on it.

Right this very moment, he’s lying on it & making little sighs of joy.

Greatest $9 ever spent! (I almost didn’t get it because I wasn’t sure he’d like it. I’m glad my instincts were right.)

I’m going to nap while he’s zonked. Sinuses. Back. Early wake up call from the cutest little sweet potato. You get what I’m saying.


  1. Pictures? And how’s your Mom? Better I hope!

    Comment by pam — 2019/09/18 @ 04:53

  2. Sorry to have just seen this! Notifications of comments aren’t working & haven’t worked for quite a while.

    Mom’s much better, thank you.

    Fletch is, as a British friend would say, a got. He’s adorable and sometimes little more than an adorable idiot. Genius one moment, crazily stupid the next. You know, like a cat.


    He’s also still incredibly silly with his toy.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2019/09/30 @ 11:17

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