Serious as a Heart Attack

Da Goddess @ 18:44

Looks like Mom had a heart attack yesterday.

They’re admitting her to the hospital tonight. She refused to go to the hospital yesterday, so C took her down today.

In addition to the cardiac issues, she was very constipated.

As I told my little sister, Mom’s full of shit and had a heart attack. Sounds about right. This is life as we know it.

Also told lil sis she better not cancel her trip abroad.

Excuse me while I go stand in the corner and bang my head against the wall.

P.S. prayers for Mom are greatly appreciated.


  1. Praying for Mom!! I just saw this; any updates? Hope she’s doing well!

    Comment by pam — 2019/09/12 @ 06:57

  2. 8) Prayers!!

    Comment by chris muir — 2019/09/13 @ 15:36

  3. Mom is doing so much better! Thank you for the prayers!

    She’s accepted her fate when it comes to not being a candidate for knee surgery in the future (her only concern…she’s been trying to get doctors to agree to it for a couple years now and none will give her the all clear) & she’s basically just going to do as the docs tell her. At least, this is what’s happening until she forgets and starts up with it all again.

    As for the heart attack, maybe…maybe not. No clear answer from C if this is what happened or not & I’ve not been included in the follow-up appointments. It’s hard to ask for clarification when it’s all filtered through someone else.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2019/09/30 @ 11:08

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