Joyful Boy

Da Goddess @ 21:08

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Fletch brings an inordinate amount of joy to my life. Even when he’s being a turd, he’s funny and sweet and weird and a joy.

With this in mind, I thought spending a precious $8 on a toy for the cat was not only appropriate, but it was totally overdue. (It pays to cruise around the internet to find deals as I paid less than half of the normal price.)

Fletch’s M.O. is to lie down next to the toy and then play. He’ll do this for an hour. Then there are the drive-by sessions. Racing through the room, he’ll take a swipe at a ball, bat it around the track, and then run away, only to come back to do it again. There’s also the attack from the top method, wherein he pounces from above and goes absolutely apeshit. This is my favorite method. It’s wild and crazy and all kinds of wrong, but it’s entertaining as fuck.

No matter what’s going on in my life, Fletch makes it better. The only way this could be even more enjoyable is if he could talk.

P.S. Fletch would like you to know this pic in no way captures his current svelte figure. My boy is definitely rockin’ a summer bod these days.


  1. He’s the equivalent of a feline Cary Grant! So handsome!

    Comment by pam — 2019/07/02 @ 12:40

  2. I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe more like Tim Minchin or Q (Impractical Jokers Q, not the one from a James Bond movie). He’s not suave enough to pull off Cary Grant, not in looks, but definitely the slapstick physical comedy.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2019/07/04 @ 02:30

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