Three Days In

Da Goddess @ 00:07

I’m three days in on the SCS trial and I feel like crap. MY head hurts horribly. My neck is locked. My hands are numb and tingling. The bandage over the insertion site is itchy. I haven’t taken a shower yet because I don’t have anyone to tape up all the electrical doodads. I also haven’t filled my prescription for antibiotics yet because I’ve been sleeping sporadically and now it’s raining and I can’t get this stuff wet and I’m loathe to go out if I’ve not showered and I’d have to do either a cab or Uber and the idea of getting in or out of a vehicle makes me cringe so I’m freaking out about everything and I can’t stop my head from feeling like it’s going to explode.

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

But, seriously, I feel like crap. I forgot how long it took for the last trial to start feeling okay. I’m so stupid about remembering these details sometimes. Excuse me while I go cry in bed for a couple more days cuz I’m a big baby right now.


  1. Oh no! Wish I were there; I’d go get your meds and feed Fletch, etc.. Hope you feel better soon. :(

    Comment by pam — 2019/03/03 @ 14:51

  2. We got through it. whew! would have loved to have had you here, though. maybe more when I’m not in so much pain so we can go out to play.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2019/03/08 @ 17:00

  3. Hi Joannie would you please email me? Thank you

    Comment by Linda — 2019/03/03 @ 15:41

  4. Do I know you, Linda?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2019/03/08 @ 16:59

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