R.I.P. Rose Marie

Da Goddess @ 22:25

We’ve lost another national treasure today as Rose Marie passed away.

I’m so glad she got to see her life’s story on the big screen, reminding so many people of her talent, wit, and grace.

Heaven just bloomed a new Rose.


  1. So sad. :(

    Comment by pam — 2017/12/29 @ 10:44

  2. I knew she wasn’t doing all that well, but I’d hoped she would hang on through awards season. Now that she’s gone I’m hoping even MORE that her documentary receives a bunch of noms and just as many wins.

    Like so many women of a certain age, Rose Marie was a wonderful example of what could be achieved if you wanted something badly enough. She was the first female game show host (though none of us are old enough to remember that outing). She was one of the first women on TV holding a role normally filled by a man — no husband, no kids, just a working writer on a variety show (in a roomful of men). Offscreen, she maintained her career even after getting married and having a child. When her husband died, she continued on, doing what she needed to do to make sure her daughter was taken care of. She never remarried, maintaining that Bobby Guy was her first, last, and forever love. Now…now they are together again.

    Not long after Bobby died, she was asked to sing on Dean Martin’s TV show. Here’s a video of that performance:

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2017/12/29 @ 20:10

  3. Oh, wow. What a performer!

    What I love about the ‘women of a certain age’ is that they kept active, always. Like Betty White. They just keep going. I admire that.

    Comment by pam — 2018/01/04 @ 11:35

  4. Betty’s started celebrating her 96th birthday already! Her bday is on the 17th.

    I keep thinking about Rose Marie going on after her husband died. And I think of Edie Adams, who, around the same time, was struggling to find her feet after Ernie Kovacs died and left her VERY much in debt.

    Strong women aren’t really new, but neither are they old. It’s just a different era and it’s because of all the hard work of previous generations that we live differently today.

    Frankly, I’m proud to have been raised by a strong woman who taught me to be independent and to speak my mind.

    I have so many thoughts! I think this may become another post.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2018/01/08 @ 05:09

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