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They say “he who hesitates is lost.” That describes me to a “t” these days.

Everything’s always up in the air because of my back.

I had fully intended to head out to Vegas for a day to see Joe Bonamassa, but because I’ve been waiting on doctors and everything else, I can no longer afford a silly plane ticket. A road trip wouldn’t be so bad – I could stop and walk and stretch, but my car cannot be trusted on a trip like that. Plus there’s no stereo and that would just plain suck.

Adding insult to injury, the IRS did a double withdrawal from my account, with no rush on a refund. They love taking the money, but putting it back? Forget it.

Some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed.

I know it sounds silly that I’d even talk about this trip with my back and all, but the way things are going, it would be my last hurrah prior to surgery. (No, I don’t have a date yet…but I will shortly.)

Frustration abounds.

And the coughing boy awaits.

Oh well, it’s a distraction of sorts.


  1. You definitely sound like you could use a little time to yourself. Good luck on getting your $ back from the IRS. I still don’t think we’ve paid our state taxes…

    Comment by yayaempress — 2005/05/27 @ 09:44

  2. What we need to do is get Joe Bonamassa to come to YOU. I mean, really!

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/05/27 @ 12:07

  3. Sometimes, life just SUCKS. Sorry you are having all this typical “wait and see” garbage cluttering up your walk. But like “Gardenwife” says, maybe Joe makes house calls?
    Wouldn’t that be swell?

    *now…lets see…who could we call…* nice fantasy, huh?

    Comment by Wichi Dude — 2005/05/27 @ 15:53

  4. Joanie,

    If you are up to going to Vegas, I can give you one of my Rapid Rewards Tickets. I hate to see you miss something you have so looked forward to!

    Comment by Beth — 2005/05/29 @ 04:01

  5. Joanie: I’m praying that your upcoming surgery will fix you up. A friend of mine just had the “new thingy” a couple of weeks ago. Her recovery is going well; the finished product is yet to be evaluated. Best of luck and don’t stay out of the blog loop if you can help it.

    Comment by Indigo — 2005/05/30 @ 17:30

  6. I’m almost certain that you could have found a former friend who would have been more than willing to get you to Vegas to see the band. “Remember those who embrace you, for they are quite possibly the best friends you could have.” Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. Remember me Joannie???

    Comment by Duke — 2005/06/01 @ 23:21

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