Ten Years After and it Still Stings

Da Goddess @ 00:06

Rob was the sort of man who got under your skin and migrated to your heart, kind of like a thorn or a parasite. And I mean that in the best way possible. Basically, once you made contact with him there was no way you were going to shake him.

TEN YEARS. Ten whole years he’s been gone. It continues to feel as though he might still call or email, as if there’s another story he needs to tell. I don’t know if that’ll ever really go away.

There are far too few people in this world like him and the loss of just one such person reveals the special place we hold in our hearts for them. I, thankfully, live with and love such a character. But the space where Rob lived will never truly be filled by anyone else. And I’m okay with that. Special friends deserve special places forever.

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  1. He is definitely missed.. :( crazy how it’s been ten years already., :(

    Comment by Les Zalewski — 2016/06/27 @ 19:26

  2. It doesn’t seem possible for it to have been 10yrs, but it has. I continue to feel his presence more often than I ever thought I would

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2016/06/27 @ 20:03

  3. I thought about him the other day, wondering what he’d make of the election this year…

    Comment by Nancy — 2016/06/28 @ 13:45

  4. He’d have a field day with it, wouldn’t he?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2016/06/28 @ 20:30

  5. He was a great guy, and I am happy I got to know him.

    Comment by Ravenwood — 2016/07/05 @ 11:59

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