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Rob would’ve been 64 today. It’s a little odd that I know this, that I still keep track. But I miss him. Really, really miss him.

There are hundreds of things happening I wish I could talk about with him. People I want to introduce to him and him to them. People I know would enjoy his humor, his music, his Robness. And I know he’d enjoy them. First and foremost, I know he and King Arthur would get on like a house afire.


64. How has it been 10 years already? Why does this day continue to hold significance for me? The thing is, even if I DIDN’T think about it, I’d still know it was his birthday.

I’m not sure how I’ll handle the birthdays of other friends who have died this past year, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be just as rough and bring memories flooding back. I know it happens on Mikey’s birthday. This time, though, I’m adding four more friends to the list (2015 was a very rough year deathwise).

So, here’s what I’m going to do…I’m going to have a day of remembering a dear, funny friend who meant the world to me. I’ll celebrate the laughter and the absolutely indelible impression he left on me, and I will take that approach with all the others. That’s all I can do.

Happy birthday, Acidman. We still miss you.


  1. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. :( Happy Birthday Rob.

    Comment by pam — 2016/02/16 @ 08:39

  2. Even though we never met in person, we were good friends online.
    He was always going to send me his favorite onions. We talked about it every time they were in season, but he never got to it.
    I still remember the exact moment I heard that he had died. I cried as though a family member had passed.
    Somewhere I even have some artwork that his daughter made.
    Yes, I still miss that cantankerous old guy.

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2016/02/17 @ 15:13

  3. Ah, Acidman…

    Comment by chris muir — 2016/02/21 @ 07:48

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