TJH: Inspire – Ode to Joy

Da Goddess @ 08:12

Tis the season for joy, is it not?

Yesterday, while baking cookies with King Arthur’s daughter and grandkids, I’d noticed something interesting: an upside-down candy cane cookie was right next to a wreath cookie, which was next to a mitten cookie. Looking at the way they were laid out there, it read “Joy” to me. Everyone else came over to look and they saw the same thing. It was appropriate for the occasion, as well as for the season.

Which brings me to my next bit of joy: my kids.

Mojo was down from Fairbanks the 2nd-9th. We only got a bit of one day together, but it was wonderful to see her, AND LD, again. Yes, they both met up with us at a little place down Temecula way. I’d told them we were going to do some photos for Grammy and Papa and they were cool with that. Here are a couple shots from that day.

Mojo 1

My sweet kids

LD 1

My Mojo girl

LD 2

Mojo 2

Handsome LD

A wonderful pair

Beautiful Mojo


  1. Ah, they’re good looking kids… or should I say ‘adults’?? They’re grown!! Glad you all got some time with each other!!

    Happy Christmas my friend!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2015/12/22 @ 06:15

  2. Who’s the guy? He LOOKS like the kid I knew, oh so long ago, but…..bigger. But we all know that can’t happen, right?


    Comment by Greg — 2015/12/23 @ 17:44

  3. Yes,indeedy! That’s the same kid.

    And Pam, it was wonderful to have a day with both kids

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2016/01/12 @ 12:05

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