Snow No!

Da Goddess @ 15:32

Mojo is experiencing her first autumn in Alaska and she’s learning how to deal with snow. Her text the other night went something like this:

I spun out a few times and thought I was going to roll the car a couple times. I was only going 30mph. It’s scary.

I told her to slow down. Whatever she thinks is a safe speed, she should reduce by at least 5mph.

I remember my early days of driving in snow while living in Colorado. I’m sure I pissed off a lot of my fellow drivers by going as slow as I did, but I was determined not to have an accident! I did well. I managed to avoid all the dangers of snow and ice… until I had Mojo.

There was the day I’d just dropped her off at day care when I slid through an intersection, up into a driveway, and bumped into a parked car. No damage to either vehicle, but plenty of damage to my nerves. And then there was the morning I was driving her to the hospital for surgery. She was having tubes placed in her ears. We were on the freeway and a small patch of black ice caused the car to slide right into the back end of another car. Thankfully the was no damage to either auto, but I felt so horrible knowing how much worse it could have been for us. The very idea that Mojo could have been injured was enough for me to start thinking about moving back to California.

Hmm ow my baby girl is all grown up and facing snow and ice on her own. I don’t think I like that! But there’s nothing I can do other than pray for her safety and tell her to slow down.

Parenthood ain’t for sissies.


  1. Oh no! It is frightening. What is she driving? We loved our all wheel drive Subaru… got us through all that with no problems.

    Comment by pam — 2015/10/06 @ 03:22

  2. They got a Jeep with 4wd. It’s a steep learning curve when you’re thrown into the situation. No amount of reading or advice gets you comfortable with driving in the snow. Only doing it gives you the necessary experience and that’s fraught with great, huge heaps of terror for parents when their kids are learning.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/10/18 @ 17:10

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