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God bless my doctors for working so hard to get me back up on my feet and reduce my pain to a level that doesn’t require increasing my pain med dosage to something that should knock me out cold for a week (on JUST ONE PILL). I’ve been doing a lot of crying lately out of sheer frustration and because of the pain. Something has to happen soon to reduce my pain to a much more manageable level. Yesterday, the doc read me his last visit report and told me exactly what he was going to say in the next one. If his drastic demands are denied this time, I’m afraid I might make like a volcano and erupt. Violently. And I’ll ground all air traffic within a thousand miles from the debris. Granted, it’ll likely only be my blood and guts and such, but still…

Current meds:

Oxyconxxx 30mg twice a day
Oxycodxxx 10/325mg every 6hrs as needed
Baclxxxx 10mg three times a day
Cymbxxxx 60mg once, at bedtime
Amxxxx 10mg at bedtime
Enough Colace to ease a plugged up elephant’s bowels but, apparently, not enough for me

Had to drop Flexexxx because I’ve blown up like a doughy balloon while taking it. Not fun. And, of course, when I went to the drugstore to fill new scripts I thought I’d grab a diuretic to help rid myself of the extra fluid that’s caused my lower half to resemble a whole lot of sausage. They didn’t have it. They don’t carry it. They used to, but they no longer feel it’s something they feel good having in the store. They sell liquor and smokes, but they won’t carry OTC diuretics. Go fucking figure.

On top of all this, it’s been hot and muggy. I mean HOT AND MUGGY! HOT AND MUGGY!

Mama ain’t havin’ fun.


  1. I feel your pain…literally. I take several of those, but at slightly lower doses. My doctor won’t budge either. He always asks how the pain is, as though he thinks it will have magically gone away. I tell him the meds are only enough to stop the screaming! I know if I could even have just a tiny increase, it would give me some relief. But no. Argh. So I totally understand your frustration. I also truly understand what the severity of your pain must be like. ((hugs))

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2015/07/16 @ 11:22

  2. One last thing: have you tried lyrica/pregabalin? I’m on a really low dose of it, but it does help somewhat in combination with the other meds. I know it’s marketed for fibromyalgia, but I take it for nerve pain/neuropathy. It might be worth looking into. My insurance hands it out like candy…unlike all the other meds. Also, I really haven’t had any of the side affects except when I was at a much higher dose. I tended to get a bit of anxiety at a higher dose, but when I cut back a bit, that went away.

    Good luck. I have great sympathy.

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2015/07/16 @ 13:49

  3. Oh, my god. 8)

    You’re always in my prayers! {{{HUG}}}

    Comment by pam — 2015/07/16 @ 17:05

  4. DDP, Lyrica is on my no fly list. I had a very bad reaction to it. Kind of along the lines of swelling of hands, feet, face, and vision changes, along with severe headaches. So, no more of that for me! The Cymbalta is doing the job it’s supposed to do, thus I’m going to stick with it. As my list of medications I CAN’T take grows, it becomes much more difficult to try something new. That said, the Baclofen has worked out okay thus far.

    Pam, thank you! We (the cats and I) appreciate your prayers more than you’ll ever know.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/07/19 @ 23:27

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