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Mt Soledad
Some people are too damn sensitive and require too much special treatment. The San Diego City Council, home of one of the biggest whiners in history – Donna Frye – has buckled under and allowed the PC police to ruin a veterans memorial. Forget that the place is a landmark…..that the cross upon Mt. Soledad has been there for over 50 years….it’s so much more important to let PC BS change the historic landscape of San Diego.

Over the years, there have been many efforts to save the cross. It looked, for a while there, like the dust had finally settled and the memorial would be allowed to stand. But, leave it to a bunch of people with nothing better to do to stir things up again and destroy a symbol of the hope, sacrifice, and dedication of generations past. The men and women whose faces and stories grace the wall surrounding the cross deserve better than this.

Smash says it with lots of juicy links.


  1. Is it me, or are the people trying to get rid of this sounding like religious extremists?

    Comment by Patrick Chester — 2005/03/10 @ 14:00

  2. Our country seems to be losing its foundation. What a price to pay…

    Comment by Dana — 2005/03/10 @ 14:22

  3. They should go after all cemetaries next. “Seeing all the crosses made me afraid to visit the grave of my pagan domestic partner! It’s unfair!”

    Comment by Thomas — 2005/03/10 @ 14:26

  4. I just don’t get this rabid drive to remove everything religious (or at least christian) from public places these last few years. I’m not a religious person at all, and it bothers me.

    The constitution says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

    Which basically means the gov’t will not use it’s power to force people to follow any religion, nor block them from following one.. it does NOT say “anything or place that has even the tiniest tie to the gov’t must be scrubbed clean of any religious symbols.”

    Comment by Miguleito — 2005/03/10 @ 14:48

  5. How the hell can Americans sit idly and allow this to happen?
    Blockade the place. Protest. Take legal action.
    Dammit–at this rate we in the West won’t have a civilisation left to defend.

    Comment by Keith — 2005/03/10 @ 15:20

  6. Considering the conservative make-up of San Diego, what do you bet that any of the FIVE council members that voted against this find themselves out of a job come next election?

    Comment by Mad Mikey — 2005/03/10 @ 16:20

  7. This just irks me beyond words. I love visiting that spot when I’m in San Diego. I just can’t believe this is happening….

    Comment by Tammi — 2005/03/10 @ 21:23

  8. Those Bastards!

    VFW Post 9949

    Comment by Ben Bauman — 2005/03/11 @ 11:50

  9. I think way too much energy was spent on this issue from both sides. Most of us are just glad that it will finally be resolved in the next 90 days.

    Personally, as a non-Christian, I don’t have a problem with it being in a public place. However I don’t mind it being moved to a private location either.

    Comment by Carl Muhammad — 2005/03/11 @ 12:44

  10. I think way too much energy was spent on this issue from both sides. Most of us are just glad that it will finally be resolved in the next 90 days.

    Personally, as a non-Christian, I don’t have a problem with it being in a public place. However I don’t mind it being moved to a private location either.

    Comment by Carl Muhammad — 2005/03/11 @ 12:51

  11. how about…all crosses over 50 years old in public places; leave them be. Wouldn’t that satisfy the ‘veterans’ dignity’ argument and quiet the excitable ‘further encroachment of church into state matters’ brigade?
    Just an idea from an atheist who is fond of old crosses.

    Comment by Jody Tresidder — 2005/03/11 @ 14:39

  12. First off, welcome back! That cross was one of my first memories ever, damn PC people!!

    Comment by Sean — 2005/03/11 @ 15:44


    Comment by Deborah — 2005/03/11 @ 17:20

  14. This really is starting to sound like the beginning of a movement to remove all vestiges of religion from the public landscape…and I’m pretty pissed off about it.

    What’s next? Are they going to start taking down church steeples? If this were a Moslem mosque’s minaret, what would they say about that?

    I’m glad I live in Central Texas. While I’m not a frequent church goer…I’m still welcomed as a fellow believer. Here we are still finding unique and interesting ways around the ACLU and left’s ban on prayer at public school functions. I remember the first time I attended a high school football game here in Texas. Before the game started, one of the local clergy said a short prayer for the players, coaches, and fans…and I have to say I miss that. Thought that it was incredibly classy and caring.

    I hope y’all in San Diego are able to keep your cross. Losing it would be a horrible shame.

    See you on the high ground…hopefully next to the cross.


    Comment by MajorDad1984 — 2005/03/12 @ 06:38

  15. Joanie – today is SWWBO’s birthday – I’m throwing a surprise party in her comments – c’mon over!


    Comment by John of Argghhh! — 2005/03/12 @ 08:36

  16. Major Milestone.

    Greyhawk hits 20 years of Active Federal Service today. Tomorrow, he starts working for half-pay. Those of you who know, know. Welcome to the club, ‘Hawk. Good on ya. It’s tougher than it looks from the outside, people. At the…

    Comment by Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. — 2005/03/12 @ 08:41

  17. Ahem. “Classy and caring” MajorDad?
    Sure, if you’re a member of the club. Otherwise “outwardly pious and exclusionary”, with the stress on outwardly.
    (Still fond of old crosses though.)

    Comment by Jody Tresidder — 2005/03/12 @ 08:47

  18. Has anybody else compared demolishing crosses with destroying statues of Buddha?

    Damn right these militant atheists are advancing a religious fundamentalist agenda. Everything they do and say has the fervor of religious fanaticism.

    Comment by Steve Lassey — 2005/03/12 @ 10:09

  19. Jesus said that His followers would be persecuted for His name-sake. He also warned His disciples that a day would come when people would put believers to death, and claim that they’re doing God a favor. So this minor persecution comes as no surprise to me.
    Still, I am so wearied by the constant battle over matters of faith. Why are these things, which were foundational to our nations birth, suddenly seen as being so “offensive”? How is it that this country survived, for as long as it did, without these ammoral busy-bodies deciding what was acceptable for our society to view in public? It would seem to me that our courts are upholding some imaginary dictate that we all have a right to NOT be offended. In which case, why am I not permitted this same “right”? Why is it acceptable to promote one “system of belief” (aka: a religion, even if it holds no diety), over another? And who is really being harmed by this display? Or do these self-appointed “enlightened ones” believe we should all just keep our mouths shut and do as we’re told?

    Comment by M+ — 2005/03/12 @ 19:30

  20. We’ll be in SD next weekend. Part of that time will be spent sitting next to the cross. This is the second time trying to post about this. Way to pissed to make cogent arguments.

    Comment by Azygos — 2005/03/13 @ 00:49

  21. With all this “freedom” we’re so proud of, you’d expect to see MORE religious symbols not less.

    This is a country founded on Freedom **OF** Religion not Freedom **FROM** Religion. To me, separation of church and state means that government stays out of the business of religion and religious organizations stay out of the business of government.

    Too bad neither side understands that.

    Comment by Gurustu — 2005/03/13 @ 08:47

  22. Okay taking down something that is already up. YIKES> THat’s just sad.

    Comment by Melissa — 2005/03/15 @ 13:03

  23. Mt. Soledad Cross

    I asked my wife to marry me at the foot of this cross. Now, the San Diego City Council has decided that it must come down. I guess the next thing to go will have to be the San Diego Mission……

    Comment by Jeff Doolittle dot com — 2005/03/15 @ 22:22

  24. If it does end up being taken down (jerks!), what would be great is if someone would buy the blocks and erect it again in the same vicinity, but on private property. Of course, there’d be some big legal free-for-all over zoning and height limits for statuary, then.

    Comment by gardenwife — 2005/03/16 @ 09:27

  25. Please send me pictures of the cross! I’d love to have a nice collection just in case they do actually remove it.


    Comment by Jeff Doolittle — 2005/03/16 @ 12:06

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