That’s Sick

Da Goddess @ 23:35

I’ve been battling a sinus thing most of the week. We had some glorious rain and chilly weather for a couple weeks and then got slammed with Santa Anas that dried out everything and everyone. In the past, I’ve had sinus problems go into my lungs rather quickly. Now? Well, it seems as though it goes straight to my vocal cords and leaves me without a voice. On top of my almost constant sensation of throat thickness (because my neck is jacked up) this makes it difficult for me to swallow. It’s a very odd feeling.

Obviously, I also have sinus pain and pressure. I’ve been vigilant with regards to take my Benadryl and doing my saline washes. It’s pretty much all I can do to keep the symptoms in check. It doesn’t always work, but I keep at it in hopes that it’ll keep things from getting worse. I also drink plenty of fluids, including decaf tea. Have to try everything. Thankfully, I’m not at the Rudolph stage and I aim to avoid that as much as I can.

Sadly, I’m not the only sick one in the house. Fletch has been vomiting all day. He’s lethargic and warmer than normal. He won’t even attempt to drink. I’ve managed to get a few drops of water in him via a 5ml oral syringe. 20 minutes later it all came up. This time, instead of vomiting all over the floor (carpet, tile, it’s all game), he managed to get it into his food bowl. Poor guy! We’re doing all we can to make him comfortable, but if he’s not better in the morning he’s going to see the vet. I wish I could just hand him some Gatorade and chicken noodle soup, some crackers, and Tylenol and let him sleep it off like you would a person. That doesn’t work for kitties, though.

Maybe this week we’ll all get better. I’m putting that at the top of the TO DO list.


  1. Hope you both feel very better soon!!

    I have a sinus thing; it’s an every Spring and Fall occurrence b/c of allergies. If it weren’t for Mucinex, Benadryl and Sudafed I’d be dead by now.

    Poor Fletch; sounds like he has kitty flu. :( Wonder if the vet would call him in something instead of having to take him in?

    Comment by pam — 2015/03/09 @ 04:32

  2. He went in and they gave him fluids subcutaneously (which pepped him up) and something to settle his gut. He’s attempted to eat a teeny tiny bit, but that’s better than nothing. AND he’s wandered around a smidge. A little bit is better than nada*, right?

    We’re going to take this all day by day.

    * Texas Tornados, 1996

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/03/10 @ 00:43

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