Better News

Da Goddess @ 02:02

If you read the previous post and wonder if there is any joy at all in my life, wonder no more. At least one of the hummingbird eggs has hatched! I’ve only been able to see a tiny bit of a very tiny beak poking out of the nest, being fed by Mama Hummingbird, but it’s at least one more lovely bird in our community.

We had a lot of rain on Sunday. Violent downpours off and on all throughout the day. I worried about the baby bird. I worried about the mama. All is fine, though. as Mama was feeding the baby yesterday.

Can’t wait until I get a real peek at the baby!


  1. Baby hummers!! EEEK!

    Wouldn’t let me comment on the previous post so I’ll email you.

    Comment by pam — 2015/02/24 @ 03:59

  2. That’s weird. You should be able to comment. Must go check out the sitch.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/02/25 @ 00:02

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