Grumbling and Fumbling

Da Goddess @ 20:27

I used to be able to do all sorts of silly cut & paste and morphing and such with photos. Remember that? Remember DaGoddess/DrPhil? (It was disturbing, but funny.) Suddenly, I can’t seem to resize a selection and then blend it into another image. Did I forget how or is it a problem with my PaintshopPro? I wish I could figure this shit out because I have an idea in my head and want to make it happen.

Please, dear gods of PaintshopPro, give me the ability to play and create and goof around once again.

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  1. I’ll light some candles, chant a bit and even pray that you regain your abilities!

    I used to do that sort of stuff all the time… 10 years ago. It’s lost to me.

    Comment by pam — 2015/02/21 @ 04:52

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