Uuuuggghhh! Catching Up

Da Goddess @ 19:03

I survived last weekend, barely. Actually, the temps were much nicer than the weekend before and I didn’t melt. So, that was good. The bad thing was that my back didn’t want to play nicely. Yet I survived and that’s all that really matters.

The past week has been spent in recovery mode. Lots of sleeping and lots of TV watching. In that respect, it’s been nice. The cats have been extra sweet and cuddly. And funny! Fletch has been my constant companion and I rather love it. Celia has been all over King Arthur. Kind of cute how she’s become his lap kitty almost entirely. They’re very sweet together.

This afternoon was spent with King Arthur’s ex-wife and her family. Weird, huh? Except that it isn’t. She’s a truly lovely lady and her family is wonderful. I mean this most sincerely. KA’s family is the same way. It’s always nice to be around people who are genuinely kind and fun. So, we had a cookout and got to play with Baby E and visit with the other kids. Good music, good food, good people, good times.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the final episode of Outlander until April. I love the show. I may have to look for the books at the library because I’m hooked. I don’t necessarily want to read ahead, but I may have to. Anyone else watching the show?

Oh, before I forget, I did manage to take a lot of photographs last weekend, so I suppose I’ll have to upload them soon. And when I say I took a lot of photos, I mean A LOT! At least 300. And, I almost knocked the Queen in the head with an oar. Thankfully, she forgave me. Anyhow, tis time to pay full attention to Outlander and get my fill of handsome men with Scottish accents wearing kilts.


  1. Aaarrrggghhhhh!!! Have read the bloody books and it’s killing me that I can’t see the show!!

    Maybe one day Netflix will buy it. Til then, ugh.

    Feel better!!!!!!

    Arrrgghh… kilts…!!

    Comment by pam — 2014/09/28 @ 07:38

  2. Kilts! And I was often surrounded by hunky men in kilts at faire, so I really actually kind of have a blessed life while there.

    The show is fantastic, Pam! Having a friend who gets Starz and would invite you over for a marathon would be a good thing right now. In fact, allow me to extend that invitation! :D

    Get wherever you need to get to see it. Do this for yourself. It’s very VERY good.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/09/28 @ 20:17

  3. Aaarrrgghhhhh! I have no friends here! Which sounds bad, but there it is… Maybe I should follow the cable truck around… LOL!

    Comment by pam — 2014/09/29 @ 05:14

  4. Nothing wrong with that, Pam!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/09/30 @ 18:39

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