It Makes Me Happy

Da Goddess @ 00:09

If we’re going to have to listen to Pharrell’s song “Happy” all the live-long day, please let it be because of this video. It’s the best!

Until someone comes up with something better, this is the only version I like. (Only valid entry that could possibly beat this one would have to include: Queen Elizabeth, Prince George, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Prince Harry, Prince Wills and his lovely wife Dutchess Kate, adorable prancing puppies, frolicking foals, cavoriting kittens, maybe an albino hedgehog or two, and possibly Harry’s goat. They’d all have to be dancing, singing, playing, etc.

So, really, until any of you can make the above happen, I’m sticking with the nursing home version because it’s made of awesome genius.


  1. This is a great version! And for the most part, I’m not minding getting older. Except for the weight gain, even when doing all the healthy stuff. But other than that, getting older is very…liberating!

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2014/08/02 @ 12:02

  2. Yeah, weight gain and body parts that suddenly begin to fail you

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/08/03 @ 00:30

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