After All This Time

Da Goddess @ 18:36

I am alive and, well, not kicking, but definitely close to screaming. It’s been a bitch of a day, a bitch of a week, a bitch of a month. But things are looking up.

Got meds straightened out. Got adjuster drama straightened out. Got new meds for pain that’s not controlled by regular meds. And I got myself some circus peanuts to help ease the pain and frustration of all the bullshit I’ve been dealing with lately. Circus peanuts work wonders. As do Bullseyes (caramel and cream candies).

Also had to send more documentation for LD’s enlistment to his recruiter. Oy vey. So much to do. And it’s now done. I’m toast.

Now that all is done, I’m going to lie down and hope for some good rest.


  1. YAY! on everything that has been straightened out. :D

    Comment by pam — 2014/07/24 @ 07:40

  2. I know, huh?!

    Getting ready to submit receipt for meds (as we couldn’t get in touch with the pharm part of the ins co — long story).

    I still can’t believe how awesome the adjuster was. I’m beyond amazed such a person exists!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/07/24 @ 11:23

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