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Da Goddess @ 11:09

We’ve had tremblers all night following our 5.1 earthquake at 21:09 last night. They’ve continued all morning.

And then we had another quake. Probably somewhere in the 3.0 range. Doesn’t sound like much but it was knocking things around.

I’ve not slept at all. This whole thing has left me a bit discombobulated. I keep thinking I’ll just pass out from exhaustion at some point, but it has yet to happen. So I’ve been playing with Fletch. We’ve thrown the ball up and down the hall, through the living room, over the couch, etc. He’s having fun. It’s wearing me out. That should be enough to knock me out, right?

King Arthur went out to get shopping done earlier and the drugstore was closed because of the mess from last night’s quake. He hit several other stores while he was out and said everything else was running smoothly, he just made sure he was far from shelves and heavy stuff while he was in stores.

And with yet another trembler while I was writing this, I’m outta here. Gonna actually attempt to lay down and sleep. Let’s see how well that goes, shall we?

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