First One, Then the Other

Da Goddess @ 12:57

Now Celia’s getting sick.

It was only a matter of time what with the cats sharing water and Celia being sweet(ish) to Fletch. Yes, the Diva has been rather kind to Fletch. Giving him an occasional nuzzle and, mostly, not hissing at him.

She’s sneezed a few times. She’s lethargic while also being extra squirmy during ear cleaning.

She was fine last night. With her new habit of sleeping on top of my chair, she has a tendency to slip down and, essentially, sleep on my head. Today? She’s curled up on the cat tree in a position I’ve never seen her take before.

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be vet day. Another unhappy cat with another thermometer up the bum. Another shot. And pretty much everyone tiptoeing around. Ugh.

As for Fletch, he’s still pretty congested, but he’s showing more signs of life, which makes me less worried. Still worried, just not hovering over him worried.

This reminds me of when the kids were little. Mojo especially. She had so many ear and upper respiratory infections, I about lost it. She could go from happy, playful kiddo to eyes and nose with green goo in two minutes. And then there was the surgery to have tubes placed in her ears. Oy! That was a harrowing day! But she always got better and she was always a trooper. With the cats, it seems to take so much longer and you can’t do for them what you do for kids.

So here we go again. I have to keep hoping and praying the furry little sweeties get better soon. This is nerve-wracking and I don’t have enough nerves to spare.


  1. Well, crap! Just like kids. :( Praying for both furkids!

    Comment by pam — 2014/03/25 @ 06:01

  2. lol! It’s EXACTLY like kids. Sleepless nights, worrying over every little thing. Celia’s been a slow starter on the infection and we’re kind of just holding our breath at this point. Fletch, thank God, is finally starting to look better. And he actually galumphed after me today! We’re happy for any improvement at this point, but that’s a really good sign.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/03/25 @ 13:10

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