Sick Puppy

Da Goddess @ 09:02

Er, sick kitty.

Fletch is sick. He has an upper respiratory infection of some sort. He’s been sneezing all night, coughing occasionally, and he’s taken to breathing through his mouth. He curled up next to me on the couch, head on my pillow, and tried his best to sleep, but every so often (more often than any of us would like) he’d have a small gag and swallow and then practically pant to catch his breath. I know that move all too well: post-nasal drip. Add to that, his eyes are watering like crazy from all the sneezing.

So, it’s off to the vet for us in a few. I’m feeling so horrible about it all, I’m holding off on ear drops for a bit.

(And further proof he doesn’t feel well, he’s voluntarily entering the Diva Zone to sit with me. Celia is not happy.)


  1. Oh, no!! Feel better Fletch!!

    Comment by pam — 2014/03/21 @ 12:54

  2. Trip to the vet, thermometer up the bum, a slide held in front of his face to determine that one nostril is fully blocked, a shot of antiobiotics, a jar of L-Lysine to sprinkle on his food, and off to home to rest up for the lot of us, save Celia, who was charged with protecting the homefront.

    Fletch has taking to lying in King Arthur’s lap, mine, or on my pillow. We’re offering wet food thinned with water to get him more fluids.

    I’m taking the night watch. I do better up late. KA will take the day watch. Anything to ensure our little boy is okay.

    He’s really and truly worrying my heart. I’ve never seen a cat like this before and it is cause for great concern. I’ve had to stop myself from crying many times. He looks so uncomfortable, so miserable, so fragile. I cannot imagine life without him. He’s a very vital part of this family.

    I’ll update when there’s news.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/03/21 @ 23:58

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