Just A Day Like Any Other Day

Da Goddess @ 09:31

And so this morning, we woke to two cats who were up and out and about. Acting like normal cats. Or rather, acting like normal cats for us.

Celia is now part of the household. Amazing how much has changed in a day or so. Suddenly, she’s interacting with us, playing, and eating. We found the secret “call”: a “ssswwssspppss” sound. It makes her run over to us and beg for scritches on her head.

Last night I went into the kitchen to fix myself something to eat and they both followed me in there, meowing and begging as if they hadn’t just been fed. It was really cute.

Oh! Fletch found his meow! He’d followed King Arthur into the bathroom and then managed to get himself closed in after. We heard two very distinct meows — one, definitely Celia’s. We tiptoed over to the hallway, thinking they were playing, and saw only Celia. She stopped meowing once she saw us, but then we heard the other meow coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and he looked up at me as if to say, “didn’t you notice I was gone? I was LOST! LOST, I SAY!” Then he strolled out like nothing had happened. It was adorable.

They won’t curl up in a ball together when we’re around, but that’s now how they sleep at night. I don’t think Celia wants us to know she’s sweet and sensitive when it comes to Fletch. But the cat is out of the bag (pun intended).

We’re just super happy to see how nicely they’ve both settled in. King Arthur was getting stressed by Celia’s timidity. I was willing to give her more time to acclimate; not so much for KA. It’s all worked out in the end. I think she overheard him voicing his concerns and decided it was better to hang with us than go back to the shelter. Whatever the reason, that’s not necessary. Both cats are now happy campers and so are we.


  1. Oh, I’m so glad they’re both settling in so well!!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2014/02/27 @ 10:59

  2. They are. And they’re getting sillier than ever.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/02/28 @ 00:09

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