Order in the Court

Da Goddess @ 12:37

Headed back to court in the morning. Fingers crossed that we finally get the judge to impress upon the ins co to quit playing games and get me into a doc, cover my meds, and basically quit screwing with me all the way around.

It’s exhausting. My body can’t take this. Forget the pain. Forget the insomnia. Forget the strain on my relationships and my mental well-being. Let’s just get me to the point where my heart no longer skips beats and it doesn’t feel like I’m going to pass out every time I stand up or turn my head or blink (side effects of the cessation of one of the [spendy] meds [I can’t pay for out of pocket and, anyway, no longer have a script for]). We won’t even mention the weight gain. We won’t. Let’s just say I need to be back in with a doc and on meds and leave it at that.

So, prayers, please. Thanks.


  1. Prayers sent! Hope it’s going well and you can see a doc soon!

    Comment by pam — 2014/02/13 @ 09:01

  2. Well???? :D

    Comment by Scott — 2014/02/18 @ 08:01

  3. Judge ordered ins co to do what they were told to do a couple years ago. Also made the atty for ins co sign an agreement that specified the doctor, etc.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/02/18 @ 12:15

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