That’s Right!

Da Goddess @ 07:27

Was reading over on DIYPhotographer.com and saw the following:

of the things that I try getting across to my students is that despite all of its amazing capabilities, the camera is just a box. Yes, it is programmed with a seemingly limitless number of exposure combinations, but when all is said and done it’s just a box. It has no artistic intent. We have to speak its language, telling it what we see, in hopes that the image in our head matches the image in the box.

Yep, just one more person agreeing with the truth that it is NOT the camera that takes/makes great images, but rather the artist behind the box.


  1. I agree, to a point. Or, maybe I’m the exception to the rule. ;)

    Comment by pam — 2014/02/08 @ 15:20

  2. You’re talented. And that box only does what you tell it. It cannot find the shot. It cannot compose the shot. The art is in the artist.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/02/08 @ 22:51

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