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Da Goddess @ 03:58

I love the Fug Girls. LOVE. THEM.

I guess one never finds out how much power one’s boobs truly have until they are tested

Mine have been tested. Sadly, they don’t defy gravity anymore like those belonging to Adams, but at least I still have ’em.

And really, I identify with FugHeather’s “My own bar is usually just lying on the floor.”

Everyone wants to match their shoes now, for reasons I’ll never understand. But complaining about that is kind of like complaining that you don’t like the scent of the lotion Idris Elba is using when he gives you a massage: just shut up and enjoy it

Idris doesn’t even have to use lotion on me. I’m pretty sure I’d glisten under his touch and all would be fine.

Jessica and Heather are such a breath of fresh air some days.


  1. My girls used to pass muster and… well, they were pretty powerful in their day… but age has acted upon them in the usual ways…

    I passed the pencil test until about 10 years ago, though. That’s something, I guess.

    Comment by pam — 2014/01/14 @ 05:40

  2. I can hold a pencil under my breasts for days. But between ’em? Not unless I have on a bra

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2014/01/14 @ 11:22

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