My Addiction Has a Friend!

Da Goddess @ 03:38

I’m always thrilled to find other people who share my “problems”. I don’t even mind when they’re more successful at making our problem a strength. In fact, I dare say, seeing how other people deal with obsession makes me braver and more willing to try my hand at things.

I know the definition isn’t an exact fit, but I liken this ability to look at things differently as a form of synesthesia or ideasthesia. Either way, I think this is what happens with people who are very creative. I’d like to be included in that group, but I’m dancing along the edge at best, hoping to fall in.

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  1. Love hearing about his process and especially love that he sees things… differently. Everything is/could be/promises something else.

    The improbable becomes the possible. Brilliant!

    Comment by pam — 2014/01/08 @ 05:31

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