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If there was a single complaint about the holidays, it was the lack of LD. This was my first Christmas without Little Dude around. Yeah, there have been a couple years where he was with his dad for Christmas, but I always ended up spending time with him a day or so before or after. Not this time.

This year, LD went with his dad’s mom over to his uncle’s house for the day. By the time they were done and made it over to my sister’s house, we had dropped my mom off at her new place and were almost home. He called me to say thank you for the gifts and to tell me what he did that day. We texted afterward as well. It wasn’t the same, but it worked.

In some ways, I’m actually quite proud of him and his decision to go to his uncle’s. His uncle is on the lonely side of life these days and LD is the one person who gets along best with him, brings out the best in him, and they have a really good relationship. I think that more than makes up for us not getting any face time during the winter school break, right? Knowing your kid can think beyond himself, beyond a moment in time, is a good feeling.

Still, I had no LD for Christmas. No…L…D. No…L…(D)

Like the song.

Or was that obvious? Was this too long a post to get to that very bad play on words?


  1. Actually, my ‘thought flash” went to “Without LD… WOLD… I am the morning DJ (@) WOLD…”

    Comment by alwin — 2013/12/30 @ 09:14

  2. Sounds like LD has grown into a fine young man and is capable of making good -albeit hard- decisions! That is awesome!

    Comment by pam — 2013/12/30 @ 16:19

  3. Yep. Tis true.

    I missed him like crazy, but was proud of him for doing something so selfless.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/12/30 @ 17:00

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