Game Day

Da Goddess @ 21:03

A friend of ours stopped by the house today and it was quickly decided that we needed something to do since it was too hot to go outside blah blah blah. So we got the dice out. And we played Zips for hours. I whipped up some lemon squares while we took a short break. King Arthur made some chicken broccoli alfredo. Everything baked while we played more dice. Then it was time to eat. Yum! After dinner, while waiting for the dessert to cool down enough, we played a couple more games of Zips. We laughed. We enjoyed ourselves. And we laughed some more. By the end of our friend’s visit, we’d caught up with each other, ate great food, and had a splendid time. It was a nice change from all the pain and sluggishness we’d been feeling for the last couple weeks. We both still hurt and all that crap, but it was nice to have someone come by and break up the day. Especially with a fun game.

It also beat the other day when I spent 15+ hours backing up my computer, which is still being bratty.

Yeah, game days are good.

So good, we’ve decided we’re going to have game night at least every other week with our friend and his family.

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