It’s Hooot in Toooo-peeeee-kaaaahhh

Da Goddess @ 21:43

It’s been hot and muggy the last few days.

Yesterday, at 1700 it was still 96 degrees.

Today, at 1700 it was still 98. The humidity is up there. Don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s been hovering in the 50% range lately. Now, for those of you in the midwest and on the east coast, you’ll laugh at that. For those of us on the west coast, though, when we get above 20% humidity, well, we wilt. Yes, we do.

I’ve used the Hot in Topeka quote before. I’m using it again because that’s what I always think when it gets this hot. Thanks to LD, that’s just how it goes.

Is it hot where you are? Are you as miserable as I am?

Excuse me while I go pick my toe. Cuz it’s hot.



  1. Ack! That’s very nearly an earworm!

    Nope, we’re not hot. Humid, oh hell yes. Of course. But it’s been about 80 til later in the day. Can’t fault that, not a bit.

    Almost September; hope it cools off for you soon!

    Comment by pam — 2013/08/27 @ 03:24

  2. considering that I haven’t seen “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” in about 5 years, I’d say it’s a full blown earworm. lol

    there’s a chance *in the neighborhood of Hell* we’ll get some rainfall and I hope it happens. I could use a rainy day right about now.

    It’s 5am right now and it’s still 80-something. With humidity. That doesn’t work for the already-miserable such as myself.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/08/27 @ 05:11

  3. It’s been an unusually cool August here in Arkansas, though it looks like it’ll hit 100 here by the end of this week. I take it you don’t have central air (most SoCal homes don’t, if memory serves correctly, unless living out towards the desert).

    Comment by diamond dave — 2013/08/27 @ 07:50

  4. Our humidity has been in the 65-75% range at 75-80°F. Miserable! Not really hot enough to be hot, but humid enough that nothing cools off and it’s just nasty.

    Comment by Jan — 2013/08/27 @ 18:37

  5. It’s taken a while, but SoCal finally got HOT. It’s still not as hot as Vegas was, but it’s plenty hot for SoCal, you know? And I don’t like humidity. Blech.

    Here’s to lots of ice cubes, cold water, and air condiditioning for all!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/08/27 @ 22:37

  6. Seems like it’s been a miserable summer. Worse than usual, especially the humidity. In the valley a bit north of you, it’s been bad. Sticky, chaffing bad.

    Comment by Scott — 2013/08/29 @ 14:57

  7. Today hit 100 before noon. Ugh.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/08/29 @ 15:30

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