Neighborhood Watch

Da Goddess @ 03:02

It looks like it’s fallen to me to be the official opossum spotter in the neighborhood. Seems like anytime I go outside at night, I see one. That and finding every freakin’ mosquito in SoCal. I could live without one of these duties.

Also, next to the Muslim center up the street is a store called Vapor Bombz. Does anyone else find that kind of ironic?

“Also also wik” – LD is now a junior in high school. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Where’s the wonderfully touching mother & son montage?


  1. Sounds like us with raccoons! They’re not small, either. Big brutes with sharp teeth!

    Let’s no talk about skeeters… I’ve had it with those little blood suckers this year!

    Can’t believe LD is a junior! He’s not a Little Dude any longer…

    Comment by pam — 2013/08/21 @ 10:40

  2. I’m sooooooo over mosquitoes, too! I feel like their personal feeding ground.

    Yeah, what the hell is up with this kid growing up?

    I’ll trade you my opposum for your raccoon. I had a babysitter who had one when I was just a wee lass in Ohio. I like ’em. Trade? Deal?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/08/21 @ 11:47

  3. And AJ is now not only four years old, but started preschool. I still remember vividly when he first came to us, small enough to snuggle in the crook of my arm…

    Comment by diamond dave — 2013/08/21 @ 18:48

  4. It seems impossible that he could be 4 already! I’m just so happy that you have him and he has you. God was certainly looking out for everyone

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/08/21 @ 18:58

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