According To Plan

DaGoddess @ 23:31

If everything goes according to plan, this post will signify my return to blogging.

If nothing goes according to plan, I’m moving to Moxtopia and becoming a kept Goddess.


  1. Welcome Back!

    Comment by Rob — 2005/03/09 @ 13:11

  2. Where’s the rest of the archive?

    It’s good to have you back, in any event.

    Comment by BigFire — 2005/03/09 @ 13:11

  3. Can I come too?

    PS I missed you.

    Comment by Lornkanaga — 2005/03/09 @ 13:13

  4. Anything we can do to help?

    Comment by Frank Martin — 2005/03/09 @ 14:11

  5. Well, I hope this is part of your plan.

    Comment by bryan — 2005/03/09 @ 14:35

  6. It looks like it’s working.

    Comment by Mike — 2005/03/09 @ 15:48

  7. Yay! I’m glad you’re back. I had not seen any new posts in awhile, and I though my Sage RSS reader might be screwed up. Good luck powering up the new page.

    Comment by Ben — 2005/03/09 @ 16:00

  8. You are back? Me too!

    Comment by Jenni — 2005/03/09 @ 16:49

  9. Apparently, I didn’t get the memo. Color me puzzled.

    Comment by Jim - PRS — 2005/03/09 @ 18:13

  10. Dear Goddess, Missed your joy.
    Missed your sorrow.
    Missed your comments
    on the morro.
    Please come back
    cuz we “miss you.”

    Comment by Deborah — 2005/03/09 @ 18:38

  11. Not only can I see you, but I’ve missed you!

    Comment by Kathleen Weaver — 2005/03/09 @ 18:49

  12. What the — ? Who the — ? Why the — ?

    What’s goin’ on???

    Comment by Jodi — 2005/03/09 @ 19:34

  13. The best laid plans of mice and men…..damn, I don’t know the ending. Sorry. Be happy whatever you do.

    Comment by Jane — 2005/03/09 @ 19:35

  14. Lookin’ good, Joanie! But, you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?

    Comment by Craig — 2005/03/09 @ 19:38

  15. Kept or unkept, git yer biscuits back in the oven and yer buns back online.

    Comment by Steel Turman — 2005/03/09 @ 19:47

  16. I’m getting dizzy with all the changes. Well, at least you’re okay.

    Comment by DAvid Kilpatrick — 2005/03/09 @ 21:38

  17. Ay carumba! What a crazy time I’ve had.

    Archives will return eventually. Please stand by.

    Missed all of you folks, too. Just know that I’m still trying my best. It’ll take time.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2005/03/10 @ 00:14

  18. Welcome back. I missed you.

    Comment by Dancusa — 2005/03/10 @ 01:12

  19. You take your time, and I’ll keep checking every day :) Except weekend, of course.

    Comment by Carin — 2005/03/10 @ 09:34

  20. Jane,

    The quote is (roughly):

    The best laid schemes of mice and men go oft astray.

    It’s from the Robert Burns poem “To a Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With the Plough” (which most people shorten to just “To a Mouse”). You can read it at:


    though you might want to opt for the “English” version elsewhere on the site (you can also click on certain words for translations). For the record, it’s Burns’ poem that we sing every year at New Year’s. If you’ve always wondered “What are the words to Auld Lang Syne?” you can find out at:



    Comment by Greg — 2005/03/10 @ 10:34

  21. Yay!

    Comment by Ith — 2005/03/10 @ 12:51

  22. Miss you, terribly.

    Comment by Anton — 2005/03/10 @ 13:45

  23. Happy to see you posting !

    Comment by Sheryl — 2005/03/10 @ 13:58

  24. keep the posts coming. You are always a great read…

    Comment by MikeDizzy — 2005/03/10 @ 15:53

  25. I really like reading GOOD shit!

    Comment by murry — 2005/03/11 @ 02:23

  26. gang aft agley

    Comment by triticale — 2005/03/11 @ 05:33

  27. yay! You’re back!

    Comment by Victor — 2005/03/11 @ 09:01

  28. Blogroll didn’t show any update since 2/24/05, so I thought you were still gone…Welcome back!
    Hope you’re feeling better!

    Comment by Amanda — 2005/03/11 @ 10:42

  29. Glad you’re not having to resort to being a kept goddess, Joanie! :)

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/03/11 @ 11:53

  30. Welcome back. What’s the story girl?

    Comment by Scott — 2005/03/11 @ 12:45

  31. I was a daily reader. It is nice to see you return. Take care of yourself! Robin

    Comment by Robin — 2005/03/11 @ 15:01

  32. Glad to have you back.

    Comment by Gene Pool — 2005/03/11 @ 18:29

  33. good to see you back. The place will be nicer when you get all your personal stuff decorated around the place.

    But the best thing is that you’re back here among friends…

    Comment by mostly cajun — 2005/03/11 @ 18:58

  34. A belated welcome back! It looks nice, but I confess I miss the “American Nurse of Victory” scheme. Ah well…

    Comment by Michael — 2005/03/12 @ 09:33

  35. Joanie, I’m so glad you are back. I missed you!
    I’m trying to get out to California, but they keep sending me everywhere else! I might just have to send you and little dude tickets to come and visit us here!

    Comment by Beth — 2005/03/12 @ 16:37

  36. Wait! Wait! Wait!It IS nice to have you back BUT… isn’t this look a little plain for you? I admit I prefer substance over style and you certainly are chock full of substance. At the same time you DO have a certain image to uphold! LOL!

    I am happy you’re back!

    Comment by Janette — 2005/03/12 @ 19:28

  37. Whew! Don’t check this for a week or so and look what happens! A whole new blog appears!! Welcome back, Joanie, hope all is smooth sailing for you with this now.

    Comment by Rae — 2005/03/19 @ 23:35

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  39. Welcome back!

    Comment by sama — 2005/03/22 @ 11:49

  40. The Floundering Anti-War Movement

    “It‚Äôs important that we support Iraqi resistance, and see it as a major vehicle towards ending this invasion.” — Laura Woodward, San Diego Coalition of Peace & Justice WHAT A DIFFERENCE a year makes… Last year, on the first anniversary…

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