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Since we got the wifi situation straightened out, I occasionally bring the laptop out to the porch with me. When it’s cool and overcast, that is. It’s kind of nice to be able to sit out in the fresh air, my feet up on the extra chair, and just watch the world go by as I type. It’s relaxing. It’s pleasant.

This morning, I’m watching the neighbor sweep his driveway and his porch. Sometimes I see people walking in pairs, walking alone, or walking their dogs. In the evening, I spy an older man on roller blades with a hockey stick whoosh by. Mostly, I watch the birds and the trains (at the end of the one road in front of us are the train tracks).

Today the birds are relatively quiet. I’m sunburned from yesterday’s trek out to the Long Beach Flea Market. I feel the heat of the redness on my shoulders and my back. I feel the slight sting of my clothes as they rub against the sunburn. We just unloaded to stained glass panels (42 x 20 inches) from the van — gingerly, as they are wobbly from the lack of frames. King Arthur got two panes for $45. I see the brass cross I found for him here on the porch (we’re looking for a place for it to call home on the walls). Inside, we have a couple cherubs to hang. He also picked up a table base, a few pins for faire, two pewter shot glasses, and there’s a Humpty Dumpty pewter child’s cup I got for a steal for his collection. Additionally, we found two model tall ships to add to his collection. Three bucks. For the pair. Can’t beat that, can you?

We each had $60 to spend as we wandered about. I walked out of the flea market with $27 and he had nothing left. No matter, I gave him the money leftover and we had a fantastic supper at Claim Jumper.

We argued back and forth about sewing machine drawers and wooden boxes for between our recliners. He wants the sewing machine drawers; I wanted the wooden boxes that were of beautiful wood and were a third less in price than the drawers, which would need to be cut in half to fit. My boxes would stack on top of each other without a single cut. We continue to grumble about our finds. The final decision will be made this week at some point. I’m arguing my case with vigor.

Now it’s time to go back inside. I’ll call in my prescription refills. I’ll do a little cleaning, during which time I shall be reminded constantly about my sunburn. As bothersome as it is, I rather like having the reminder of a fantastic day spent looking for treasures and I’ll smile frequently. I do that a lot these days.

With any luck, I’ll be back outside in a bit, thinking about my next post or perhaps looking up online a few of the vendors we met yesterday. There are still a few items I wished we bought. But…there’s always the next flea market and more treasures waiting to be discovered.


  1. I got a bit of sun this weekend too – spent practically the entire weekend taking pictures! Ah heaven….

    Comment by Jan — 2013/06/17 @ 19:54

  2. Claim Jumper, they still around? With huge portions?

    Comment by diamond dave — 2013/06/18 @ 06:47

  3. Sounds lovely, sunburn and all. I like a bit of burn the day after, as well, to remind me.

    Love that you’re smiling so much these days! :D

    Comment by pam — 2013/06/18 @ 07:47

  4. Dude!! You were at Long Beach?!! So were we!!! I bet we walked right past each other at some point…like ships passing in the night(or hot sun)! Pfttt! So close…..

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2013/06/20 @ 14:28

  5. Yes, Claim Jumper is still around. Big portions and all. We brought home lots of food. It’s taken us most of the week to eat it.

    The sun was great, but I got sick for several days after. And I’m peeling like a reptile shedding its skin now.

    Um, now that I think about it, maybe the ill-feeling I had was a residual from all that food. Plus the sun. Sigh.

    Marcie, I can’t believe you were there, too! Check your email, lady!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/06/22 @ 12:18

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