Worst Bands of the 90s

Da Goddess @ 00:39

According to Rock Magazine the worst bands of the nineties shakes out to look a little something like this:

1. Creed
2. Nickelback
3. Limp Bizkit
4. Hanson
5. Nirvana
6. Hootie and the Blowfish
7. Bush
8. Spin Doctors
9. Ace of Base
10. Dave Matthews Band

Only thing missing from the list is all the rap/hip hop crap and Beck. I can deal with Hanson. I can deal with Hootie. I can deal with Spin Doctors and Nirvana. Still and all, I’m thrilled to see my two least favorite bands at the top of the list. Makes a girl happy to know there are others with as much disdain for mediocrity as I.


  1. Creed. Wasn’t their only claim to fame that they sounded too much like Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam?
    I honestly can’t remember a single thing they did.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2013/05/13 @ 18:30

  2. Hootie doesn’t belong up there; they were a rollicking good bar band. ‘Classic Rock’? Maybe not, but fun as hell and I can still smile while listening to their music.

    I have a couple of Nickleback songs but don’t listen to them anymore. Is that the test; time?

    Comment by pam — 2013/05/14 @ 05:33

  3. They forgot anything rap and any boy/girl band. I liked Nirvana and Hootie. However we all know all the best music came out of the ’80s! ;)

    Comment by Scott (Retired Navy CPO) — 2013/05/15 @ 07:17

  4. Creed and Nickelback both make me grind and gnash my teeth. They’re bad for my health. They’re bad. Just…bad. Period. Full stop.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/05/17 @ 01:19

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