The (e)X Factor

Da Goddess @ 16:39

“You’ve seen the monster, now I invite you to quit stalking me,” I said, as coolly as I could muster. “Do you have any other business to take care of with him?”

“I’m not stalking you,” she said.

“Then why are you suddenly following me on Facebook? Are you done with all business between the two of you?”

A look of panic crossed her face and she sputtered a bit before replying, “I’m not! I’m not following you anywhere.”

“I get notifications when someone follows me on Facebook. So, if you’re done with him you should be DONE with him. No stalking allowed.”

“Oh, uh, well, I…uh…I was just curious.”

I did my best to keep it together. It wasn’t easy. I’ve been there, done that enough in the past to know I don’t want to play these games with anyone ever again. “Be curious no more. You’ve been blocked and now it’s truly over.”

I watched her drive away and walked back to the car. I waited for King Arthur to finish up in the bank. He finally showed up at the car and I asked if he was okay.

“Not really. I didn’t want to have to deal with her and I don’t like what’s been going on,” he replied.

“I know, babe. But it’s done now. Let’s go take care of our business and shake off the crap.”

He looked at me and I knew it was going to be okay. No more of this ex-girlfriend shit to deal with. No more of her games. If she tries anything else, she’s the one who’ll have trouble on her hands. She was the one who went around bragging (to his friends…and WHO DOES THAT??) how she stole money from him and she’s the one who’ll have to answer for it should she continue to mess with him.

The road to happiness isn’t always easy, but once you get over the really big potholes, it sure is worth it.

And yes, I did call myself the monster.


  1. Well, I don’t get messages when someone follows me on FB! Just saw that my ex is following me and I can’t block him or anything…!

    That said, way to deal with a ‘curious’ ex. I’m guessing she’ll leave well enough alone now that she’s seen “the monster”. ;)

    Comment by pam — 2013/05/11 @ 06:52

  2. you can change your notifications easily. and if you go to your ex’s page, you can block him by going to his page, clicking on the gear symbol near his message box. When it drops down, it’s as simple as choosing “block/report”. You’ll then have three options as to how to handle things. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/05/12 @ 02:10

  3. Sounds like someone seriously needs to move on. :roll:

    Comment by diamond dave — 2013/05/13 @ 18:27

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