Wish Fulfillment

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Four and a half years ago I posted of a wish:

If I’m ever to be a pirate or a pirate’s lady, this, for certain, is how I wish to appear. I know not her name nor from where she hails, but I gazed upon her with admiration. This is how I want to look. Fearless, bold — in a word, audacious; even a little bawdy if I desire. I want to be a pirate’s dream and charm the serpents of the seas. Someday I shall.

I’d also posted a photo of the very pirate I wanted dreaming of me (second image down).

More importantly, I’ve always wanted someone to look at me the way the man in the first image in that post is looking at his woman. My pirate does. Oh, yes, he really does. He looks at me with love and longing and warmth that fills my heart with joy.

Back when I first met the Captain, I was intrigued. There was something about him. Afterward, whenever my Faire-going friend Dave went to Faire I’d ask him to say hi to the Captain for me. Last year, when Dave took me back to Faire, the Captain and I ran into each other and it was all sparks! Our eyes locked and we always seemed to be making physical contact — arms touching, hips bumping, anything that was innocent but charged with electricity the likes of which I’ve never before felt. I was back the next weekend with other friends and LD. The attraction held strong. Sadly, we had to say goodbye. But, we stayed in touch. We chatted online. We emailed. Rarely, we talked by phone. And then, well, everything changed and moved forward with a rapidity that caught everyone by surprise.

Now I get to wake up next to him. I get to fall asleep by his side. He’s met both of my parents and he’s met LD. If things go right this weekend, Mojo will meet him, too. She was actually the first person I talked to about my move and she was the first one to hear me utter the words, “my boyfriend.” I’ve met his daughter. I’ve met some of his friends. So far, everyone seems to like me, and in my camp, they all seem to like him. One of his friends told me yesterday that I was obviously the woman he’s always wanted and needed in his life. If this is the case, I am a lucky lady. He’s a gem. He’s my King Arthur. (Yes, a pirate can be King Arthur if he’s a man with strong values and character, which he is.)

It’s been a long time since I have loved someone this way. It’s been a long time since I’ve been loved this way. I got to thinking it would never happen. But it did. And it was definitely worth the wait.

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  1. He’s THE CAPTAIN!? I remember you writing about him! OMG!! That’s very cool!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2013/05/02 @ 07:58

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