I’ll Destroy Your Apple Tree!

Da Goddess @ 12:20

I will, too.

I will tear it down.

Down, I say!

Unless you bring me cute, cuddly animals.

Sadly, my dad didn’t, and his apple tree is GONE!

LD and I spent the day taking down the tree yesterday. Two huge trash bins were filled up with branches and the trunk and there’s still a stump to take care of.

All day out in the sun. No sunburn. Not even any tan lines. I am a freak of nature, apparently.

I guess I’ve become so pale that I simply reflect the light.



  1. That would kill me. Oh, I do it now and then, but KILL me it does.

    Guess you taught your Dad, eh? :D

    Comment by pam — 2013/03/30 @ 14:40

  2. Yuppers! Taught him but good. Still no furry cuddlies though. We do, however, have the bird back here.

    Feels good to have the tree gone. Stump is still there, but he said to leave it be. A year from now, it’ll just pop out sans effort. I’m fine with that idea.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/03/30 @ 14:49

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