TJH: Inspire Game Reveal

Da Goddess @ 00:11

Okay, the item in the photo is indicated by the white arrow.

Harmonica holder for Ryan Bingham

And now you know.

I’ll try to come up with more “guess what this is” posts if you’re up to playing them. Once a week sound good?


  1. I never would have gotten that!!! :D

    Comment by pam — 2013/03/15 @ 04:38

  2. Heheheheheheeee! But now you know. I’ll come up with a Guess What contest again and you’ll probably be the first to guess it

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/03/16 @ 00:50

  3. Ya know I did look at those on the internet but missed the spring part. :/

    Comment by Scott (Retired Navy CPO) — 2013/03/20 @ 07:04

  4. Ah, yeah, if you aren’t used to seeing them and don’t know what they look like from years and years and years of seeing them up close, you might miss the spring part.

    Having put in my time with various musicians and photographing them and details of them, I tend to study such bits and pieces. I’m curious, by George!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/03/23 @ 21:49

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