Proofreaders Are An Asset

Da Goddess @ 04:00

Professional company sends me an email asking me to purchase their products. Email is rife with errors.

Said email starts off nicely enough:

At *Company X*, we think creativity has an endless shelf life. If you agree, enter to win an Amazon® Kindle Fire™ or Amazon® Kindle™ and $250 USD worth of *Company X* books of the winner’s choice (Total value: $450)!
How’s that for a happy holiday season!

We won’t even quibble about the need for a question mark at the end of the last sentence. Basically, the company wants you to be so excited about winning a Kindle or Kindle Fire that you’ll get caught up in their amazing products and make a purchase or two for the photographer/creative in your life. Nothing wrong with that. Except…except when each book you then list has a “sneak peak” available.

Obviously, I’m completely bent by: sneak PEAK.

It’s a damn sneak PEEK, people!

A peak is something you see. A peek is something you do or “take”. Either way, “peek” is a verb. “Peak” is a noun.

Are we clear on this? Would you like to hire me to proof your copy? (I’m also available for tattoo consultation before the inking begins. Another essential skill/gift.)

P.S. Any errors in this post are the direct result of my unmitigated ire at lack of command of the English language by those in charge of marketing. Shouldn’t “proficient in the English language” be a required job skill for anyone in the business of writing copy?
Yes, these are jobs I should have.


  1. Media sites are also becoming ridiculous; almost unreadable. :/

    Comment by pam — 2012/11/28 @ 06:47

  2. Another one that brings out my inner grammar Nazi: “lose” and “loose”. I’m amazed at how many people, particularly professionals, get that one wrong.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2012/11/28 @ 14:33

  3. Pam, I’ve seen the most incredible atrocities against the English language on sites like CNN, Fox, etc.

    Dave, that kills me, too.

    Also: “have got”. No, you either HAVE or you GOT something. But, of course, with a movie like “You’ve Got Mail”, everyone thinks it’s acceptable.

    Oh! And it’s, its, and the non-existent its’. Yes, I saw its’ on a HUGE sign in the background of a scene on General Hospital. (Don’t judge me…I have one soap opera left!)

    Forget hiring capable people, just hire the cheapest!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/28 @ 17:07

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