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Da Goddess @ 04:00

Mine will be “Dirty Nogoodnik”

Heard a local reporter say it on air the other night. It wasn’t the first time I’d ever heard the phrase, but it was certainly the first time I’d heard a reporter say it during a newscast. I laughed. And then I had to ask my dad if I’d heard correctly.


An alternate title will be “The Car Killer” as I’ve now had car problems twice since I’ve been back. With my dad’s car. First time was the front left axle breaking. Not my fault. It just happened while I was in the car. On the freeway. In the rain. Stuck in the middle of the freakin’ freeway in the rain in a car that can’t move isn’t my favorite place to be. Then last night, LD and I got in the car to run to the store for my dad and it wouldn’t start. Battery was dead. DEAD. Not even a whistle*. The nice guy who fixed my dad’s broken axle, which was caused by a bad motor mount (long story) stopped by the house and got us up and running. We ran to my sister’s house, grabbed laundry, and other stuff, left the car running the whole time. Then off to the grocery store, left motor running again. Got home, thinking the car had likely recharged the battery enough and turned the car off. Tried to restart it again. Not even a whistle*.

* begins at 1:41 and goes until 4:02

My alternate alternate title will be “I Don’t Suffer Bastards and So Are You!”


  1. I love that episode.

    Then I wrote something stupid and then deleted it. Fact is, no amount of pithy little proverbs can fix life. It just happens and you deal with it. Because what’s the alternative?

    You’re in my prayers!

    Comment by pam — 2012/11/17 @ 11:06

  2. You’re such a sweetie, Pam! You always make me laugh.

    BTW, I think an alternate alternate alternate title will be “Throwing Jazz Hands: Inspire Inspire Inspire!” Which will be shortened to TJH: Inspire Inspire Inspire! Also a good name for a photography business. TJH Inspire, that is. Just one “inspire” there.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/17 @ 13:23

  3. P.S. I like pithy proverbs. (They’re so much better than poopy proverbs. :lol: )

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/17 @ 13:24

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