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I woke up yesterday morning, certain I was done with my unpleasant reaction to my recent steroid epidural, only to discover my skin at the injection site had begun to blister. Okay, I could live with that. The nausea and diarrhea, I could live with that, too. Then I got a great big hug and smile from #1 Nanny’s Boy and I felt better.

A few hours later, I receive news that my friend has died. Definitely worse than blisters and dyspepsia. Knocked me down to size right quick, I tell ya. After calling Little Dude and losing it completely (I could scarcely get the words to form around all the tears I was shedding), I was again greeted by a big hug and a silly grin from Nanny’s boy.

Attempting to reach various friends who’d known Mikey over the years, I was coming up short. Phone numbers had changed, Facebook was slow, I was becoming frustrated, and then there was an envelope for me in the day’s mail. It was a delightful gift from Mimi at Box Gifts. It brought a smile to my face and, once again, I felt the universe sort of even out around me.

In the past several days, as things have seem to go awry, I’ve been very aware of balance being restored, of my place in the universe being noted. I come back from these moments with a better understanding that it’s NOT all about me (even when it is, there are many others my life impacts) and whatever I’m experiencing will soon look trivial when compared to what others have endured or what others offer to you.

If I can give you, dear friends, nothing else in terms of a TRUTH, let this be it: there is always balance and there is always an acknowledgment of your joy/pain/existence. Always. Sometimes the reminder of this is very small and a little sneaky, often covered in slobber and smooshed goldfish crackers, or perhaps a sweet and gentle little bit of ephemera that weighs nothing but wraps around your heart with a comforting heft and warmth.

Be open to all forms of balance. They truly make life worth the effort.


  1. Glad to hear the balance seems to be coming back. You’re right, there is always a balance, it may take a little finding at times though.

    Comment by The Gray Monk — 2012/07/03 @ 07:05

  2. Balance is always there. It’s just harder to accept sometimes.

    One good thing about taking care of a little one is that I cannot (CANNOT) remain sad or in tears for long. Not good for him and he wouldn’t let me anyway.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/07/03 @ 10:08

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