RIP Mad Mikey

Da Goddess @ 20:54

Michael May, our beloved Mad Mikey, passed away this morning, July 2, 2012.

I don’t have all the details. All I know is he awoke not feeling well, was rushed to the hospital, and then he was gone.

No words can do justice to the strength of his character, his love for his family, their love for him, and the amazing person he was. Mikey embodied the core values of the US Navy: Honor, Courage, Commitment. Throughout his illness, he faced every challenge with a determination that we rarely see anymore. He wanted to be there for his wife and his daughter. He wanted to provide for them. To ease their burdens. To be their rock. And he was. No matter what else was going on, no matter how terrible he felt, he was there for them.

To Mikey’s entire family, especially Mrs. Mikey and MiniMikey: You have my sincerest sympathies. I don’t know what else I could possibly say. I love you guys!

Mad Mikey RIP

I will always picture you in the sun, Mikey. Standing up for what you believed in, fighting the good fight. In my heart you will be the pillar of strength and a true portrait of all that’s good in this world. I’m so lucky to have known you. I’m so lucky you brought your family into my life. Your gifts are everlasting, my friend. Thank you.

May God’s love enfold your spirit and carry you to a place without illness or pain.


  1. Somehow I knew that you would have a tribute to our dear friend. And that it would give me comfort. RIP Mikey. Words cannot describe how much we all loved you. We promise that MrsMikey and MiniMikey will not be forgotten. They are as much a part of us as you were, and we love them too. Godspeed, friend. Rest in your well deserved peace.

    Comment by Gracie — 2012/07/03 @ 09:37

  2. Gracie, there are so many thoughts swirling around in my head and my heart, I couldn’t get them all out. But I know you understand what I mean. He was a dear man and would have done anything for any of us.

    It’s so hard to smile through the tears, but we do, don’t we?


    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/07/03 @ 09:52

  3. Indeed, we do. Quack. It’s all I keep thinking about…the ducks. And I smile. Then I cry, then I smile again. They just don’t come any better than Mikey was, and that’s God’s honest truth.

    Comment by Gracie — 2012/07/03 @ 10:18

  4. Don’t forget the WWII cats! (That was from the second coma…) But the ducks, oh yes…I’m looking at three right now and misting up.

    What a long, rough road that man walked. And the whole time he kept his eyes on the prize: HE WAS going to get better and HE WOULD accomplish all he set out to do. I know there are many things that were left undone, but he accomplished the most important of them all — he was a fantastic father and husband. That’s a legacy that will never be forgotten

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/07/03 @ 10:23

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